About Us

Guarantee Group is a full-service travel agency dedicated to providing leisure, meeting management, corporate services and a wide range of travel benefits, along with consultations to customers. Guarantee Group was established in 2001 as a leading agency; in Jordan; providing top-notch services & forward steps for its esteemed customers. In 2013, a new office for Guarantee Travel was established in Dubai-UAE, launching a new route of services through worldwide sites.


Corporate Travel

At Guarantee Travel Group we put you on the right direction when it comes to travel programs Getting corporate travelers to where they want to be, safely, securely and hassle-free, is the reason we’re here. And, because we do it in the most businesslike, cost-effective way possible, giving our clients access to the very best deals, booking technologies and reporting services, we’re the reason many of the world’s leading companies are taking their travel management in the right direction. with Guarantee it is a journey to live and remember


At Guarantee Travel Group our consultants understand that value comes from pairing technology with travel expertise. We’ll help you make sense of your data and take the right actions to optimize your savings.


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Arab Health 2019

Guarantee Travel Group Jordan has negotiated preferred hotel deals during the exhibition dates, and can provide logistics services / local services through our offices in Dubai, were our clients can realize the added value of the services booked, and to enjoy a peace of mind experience, starting from planning their visit and during their stay as well.

Human and social value

Profit is an extremely important measure of any company’s success, but it’s not the only one. Another measure is how an organization’s employees treat others and how quick they are to help when a need arises. Some call this corporate social responsibility, or CSR. Whatever you call it, caring about people is a core value of ours, and the desire to help is part of our corporate culture. As we see it, there are three parts to human and social value:

1. What we do for employees
2. What we do for customers
3. What we do for the world

If we don’t continually improve in meeting the market’s needs, our customers will turn somewhere else. But that fear doesn’t keep us up at night. We know if we continue attracting and retaining the best employees in the industry, our people will bring the innovation and hard work needed to serve clients better than anyone else.
We’re proud of the expertise and thought leadership we bring to the corporate travel industry. But we know knowledge alone doesn’t build trust. When they have a choice, people prefer working for companies that have heart. Businesses prefer suppliers who share their core values. And everyone embraces brands they think leave the world a better place.


Expand your travel management potential with technology that works as hard as you do. Our AOCT helps your business travel program work seamlessly and efficiently for your employees. No more delays can prevent you from making changes that count and affect your company’s bottom line. Our business intelligence and reporting tool, gives you your data in real time, showing you exactly what you need to know, how to book, whom to contact all in an easy interface.

Benefits for Travel arrangers with Guarantee Travel Group

Wide choice of travel services
  • Plan & book itineraries that include air, hotel, car, Transfers ….etc
  • Quickly fill in your mini-profile
  • Avoid misleading fare conditions with Mini Rules
  • Market specific features enable you to find the most appropriate fare in one single point of sale
  • Mobile App for Search & Book
Efficient Booking flow
  • Layout and design enhancements of the new user interface
  • Mixed display of full-service & LCC content
  • Offline & Online booking request flow
  • View negotiated prices and policy-compliant alternatives
  • Easy to use